CBN Insert


Classification Grade Density
Hardened steel+A132:G138 CBN 4500 Sub-㎛(1<) TiCN * Excellent wear resistance by micro CBN and heat resistant bond * Application: Interrupted and general cutting in high speed & feed for Hardened steel
CBN 5000 2 TiAlloy * Excellent wear resistance by a hard bond * Application: Finishing, continuous and light interrupted cutting for hardened steel
CBN 5010 1~2 Tic * Excellent wear resistance due to high heat resistance material * Application: Finishing and continuous cutting for hardened steel
CBN 6500 1~4 TiCN * Various cutting application available made by the material containing wear resistance and heat resistance *Application: continuous and medium interrupted cutting for hardened steel
CBN 730S 10 Ceramic * High crashworthy and heat resistance * Application: Suitable for cutting hardened Cr Alloyed steel
Alloyed steel /
Cast iron
CBN 9000 2 Ceramic * Excellent wear resistance and breakage resistance due to high Content of CBN and highly sintered structure * Application: Widely used for lapping or high speed cutting for alloyed steel and cast iron
CBN 9500 3 TiAlloy *Excellent fracture resistance and reinforced holding power by optimal binding *Application: Finishing for cast iron
Cutting speed >>
Light , medium, and heavy interruption
CBN cutting-edge notation
*Stndard cutting edge
Division Land width(mm) Land angle(º) Honing®
Steel 0.1~0.2 25º 0.01~0.02
Cast iron 0.1~0.5 20º <0.01
Interruption 0.2 30º 0.01~0.03
CNGA 120408 0150250020
015 025 0020
Land width Land angle Honing