PCD Insert

PCD inserts


Grade Density
Feature Application
PCD-SF 1.7 High-density sintering of ultra-fine diamonds provides both wear resistance and breakage resistance. For the process which requires high surface finishing such as Alloyed aluminum, Alloyed copper, Wood composite and Plastic.
PDC-F 6 As manufactured by sintering fine diamond grains, each grain is strongly bound to each other, the balance between workability and abrasion resistance is excellent.
PCD-F3 10 Excellent wear resistance &
impact resistance
Alloyed aluminum (below 14% of Si), alloyed copper, graphite, graphite composite, synthesized wood, half sintered ceramic tungsten carbide
PCD-M 25/4 Fine diamond and large-grain diamond are combined in two phases to provide excellent impact strength and abrasion resistance. Metal composite, High silicon alloyed aluminum (over 14% of Si), glass fiber, glass fiber reinforced board and reinforced wood.
PCD 25 By sintering of large grain diamond,
it contains the highest content of diamond and high wear resistance
High silicon alloyed aluminum (over 14% of Si), metal composite, sintered ceramic, double metal compound(aluminum, ductile iron) and other abrasion resistance material.
Wear Resistance